Monday, April 27, 2015

Want To Make It Sound Like Summer? Crank Up The Excellent New One From Peach Kelli Pop As Loud As You Can!

There comes a point where the best music is the simplest music. And sometimes it takes really smart people (those fellas in The Ramones) to make music that remains basic without being...crappy Top 40 tune-age. Which is to say that the new album from Peach Kelli Pop seems so effortless constructed that one could think that it was just tossed off quickly. After all, 10 songs in under 21 minutes is not exactly Tales from Topographic Oceans. However, those 10 cuts are full of sunshine and pep. And they are gonna warm your heart.

Called III, and out now on Burger Records, the new album from Peach Kelli Pop is a blast of hope on a rainy day. The sound of summer throbs out of every one of these songs and for that reason I suspect I'll be playing these tunes a lot in my car the next few months.

Channeling Helen Love and bis in the one-two opening punch of "Princess Castle 1987" and "Shampoo", III kicks off with a bang. And one can only hope that "Shampoo" is named after the UK band and not the product.

"Heart Eyes" multi-tracks the vocals to glorious effect -- think early Lush -- while "Bat Wing" offers up more of the sort of thing that The Flatmates did so well so long ago. "Big Man" may add a tiny bit of semi-snarling menace to things but Peach Kelli Pop are best at the sort of cooing indie pop heard on "New Moon" and all throughout III. Things here wind down a tiny bit on album closer "Please Come Home" but the band never abandon their pop sense. If the earlier songs on III owe a huge debt to stuff like bis, this one is a bit more like something from The Primitives' second album. I realize that that doesn't sound like a huge leap but in the context of III it is.

Still, make no mistake, this is one of the most joyous records I've heard in some time. Every song here makes me happy and that's no small compliment in an era of affected indie rock. Call it twee if you like, but Peach Kelli Pop's music is something wonderful indeed.

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III is out now via Burger Records.