Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Jasmine Minks Are (Thankfully) Back And Busy Loading Up Their Bandcamp Page

Remember those cats in that black-and-white snap? Well it's time you refreshed your memory on what a great indie pop outfit this band, 'cause -- psst! -- they are making new tunes even as we speak.

The Jasmine Minks have been busy lately loading up their Bandcamp page. Primarily thought of as a Creation Records band, The Jasmine Minks actually recorded on a few other labels including the influential The Bus Stop Label. And a label called Oatcake on which they released their wonderful Poppy White EP.

Recorded in 1992, the Poppy White EP saw release much later but the songs are timeless and span a few eras in terms of style. The title track positively chimes. It's a rush of joy on a bright spring day, frankly. The song adds a faint hint of twang to offer what remains a gem of Byrdsian leanings. "Distraction" is a jaunty number that combines a sharp hook on the chorus with some truly sublime harmonies throughout. "Dead and Gone" recalls Orange Juice in spots but the fuzzy guitar lurking in the cut makes this another standout. "Rain" is not the Beatles classic but it is a similarly trippy epic. Part chiming beat era throwback, the soulful vocals and call-and-response in the rave-up make this the highlight of the Poppy White EP. The guitar-work on this one is exceptional too.

Poppy White is another probably overlooked treasure from The Jasmine Minks. Now, thanks to the Internet, fans can get it, perhaps for the first time.

Follow The Jasmine Minks on their official Facebook page and be sure to head over to their Bandcamp page to load up on some other fine releases.