Friday, April 17, 2015

The First Of 2 Free Dot Dash Tracks Is Here In Advance Of Their Record Release Show In D.C. Next Week!

That pic is from the final night of what I call "Salad Days Weekend" when Dot Dash opened for Soul Side. The band premiered a few new tracks from their superb new Mitch Easter-produced masterpiece Earthquakes and Tidal Waves but "Rainclouds" wasn't one of them that night. The cut, a snarling VU-inspired rocker, shows off some new colors in the Dot Dash paint-box and you can get it for free via the link below.

Next week, Dot Dash are playing Comet Ping Pong in D.C. for a record release show for Earthquakes and Tidal Waves. I urge you to be there 'cause it's a great venue to see a band in, though it seems odd to me to think that I've not seen Dot Dash there yet. So, I'm looking forward to it.

In the meantime, grab the track, buy Earthquakes and Tidal Waves -- if you haven't already done so -- via and enjoy!

(And -- p.s. -- you might get a free bonus disc with your copy when you order!)

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