Monday, April 13, 2015

So That's What They Look Like When They Rock Out? D.C.'s Awesome Mittenfields Unveil New Video

In advance of their upcoming new album, Optimists -- which is, confidentially speaking, fantastic but it's a bit too early to officially review it so you didn't hear that from me -- comes the single of the same name and its sparkling new video.

Coming on like The Arcade Fire covering an old Big Dipper tune, Mittenfields have mastered that loud/quiet/loud thing and a whole lot more. A majestic, monstrous jam, "Optimists" is a shot of adrenalin. Quite simply, these cats are redefining what D.C. rock sounds like. They are pushing the throttle down and aiming for the future.

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And play this snow-capped vid a few times in anticipation of Optimists being released soon.