Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fire Records Poised To Reissue Everything (!) From New Zealand's The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience!

In case you didn't read this news already somewhere else, the good folks at Fire Records are going to release everything from New Zealand legends The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience. Called I Like Rain: The Story of The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience, the release will pull together...a LOT of stuff from these guys -- pretty much all of their studio recordings.

Let's let the label's press materials explain the release clearly:

'Coming later in 2015, I Like Rain: The Story of The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience will feature all of the band's studio recordings, with the Love Songs album combining the first two EPs and 45, the extended US-version of Size of Food and their final album Bleeding Star, along with bonus tracks that go as far as back as their first cassette release, that originally came packaged in a dog food tin. All audio is re-mastered and the extensive liner notes include an entertaining oral history of the band.'

Excited yet? Follow Fire Records for the details on this upcoming monumental reissue project.