Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Quick Review Of The Super New EP From Spain's The Yellow Melodies

Spain's The Yellow Melodies are a really superb band and pretty much every cut I've heard from them so far has hit the sweet spot for me.

Having previously tried their hand at a Television Personalities tribute EP, the band are now back to offer up 6 slabs of tunefulness as a tribute to the sometimes unfortunately neglected BMX Bandits. Called Students of Life: A Tribute to BMX Bandits, the EP is out this week via and I urge you to grab it.

"Extraordinary" positively oozes cool and it seems to burrow its way further into my brain with each listen. "Girl at the Bus Stop" adds a Swingin' Sixties vibe to the track to offer up something that nods in the direction of The Move. "Your Class", a track that was previously featured on the highly recommended A Brilliant Escape compilation, charms with its catchy chorus.

These 6 cuts are superb examples of how to do upbeat indie pop whether or not you count yourself a BMX Bandits fan or not. Delicious harmonies? Check. Guitar hooks? Check. Nothing wasted in the creation of good music? Check. Grab Students of Life: A Tribute to BMX Bandits as soon as you can.

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Students of Life: A Tribute to BMX Bandits is out in a few days on