Thursday, March 5, 2015

Twin Peaks Release Free Demo Album Today!

I love these guys!

Twin Peaks dropped a free demo album today. It's 10 tracks from their superb Wild Onion (2014) album and it's, like most of what these cats record, aces! Called Mind Frames, the collection reveals even more to like about the music of this crew.

Something like "Fade Away" here sounds more like revved-up Of Montreal, while "I Found a New Way" here bears a trace of white boy blues -- think original line-up Rolling Stones as covered by an early Sub Pop band, maybe. And "Strange World" is positively all Cocteau Twins-ish in this early version. Lovely! (And that's a word I never thought I'd use to describe the scuzzy rock of this Chicago outfit!)

Any way you slice it, Mind Frame is an essential companion piece to the Wild Onion (2014) album. Grab it today via the Bandcamp link below.

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