Monday, March 16, 2015

This New Simian Ghost Album Is A Beautiful Thing (Plus Free Mp3)

I really knew nothing about Simian Ghost until a few weeks ago and now I'm a huge fan. The reason? Their splendid album The Veil, out now on Playground Music.

The Swedish act's sound draws favorable comparisons to artists as diverse as Ooberman and The High Llamas while sounding wholly unique. The Veil is spacious, beautiful music that relies on strong melodies and expert production techniques to deliver what is, in some way, a sort of masterpiece.

Take for example the band's tribute to the late lead singer of Broadcast. "Echoes of Songs (for Trish Keenan)" really sounds nothing like Broadcast and yet totally makes sense as a Broadcast pastiche. The cooing vocals, the lovely hook -- it's all just too perfect.

The song is designed to burrow its way into your heart and you can download an MP3 of it here.

Tracks like "The Ocean is a Whisper" manage to channel The Beach Boys by way of The High Llamas, or even a less indie version of The Olivia Tremor Control.

The only criticism I could possibly have of The Veil by Simian Ghost is that the tracks sound vaguely the same throughout...which is an absurd thing to say when you think of how Cocteau Twins albums have the same characteristic.

Fans of expertly produced and performed chamber pop need to get on the bandwagon with Simian Ghost as soon as possible. The Veil is a great place to start.

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