Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Best New Band I've Heard This Week? Gotta Go With Marrow For The Win

What the hell am I listening to on "Mother of Maladies"? How this band cram so, so much into one song? Gloriously tuneful, it's like Mummer-era XTC mixed with Michael Hedges mixed with Minnie Riperton's old band Rotary Connection. The cut is sublime.

The Chicago band members have all kept busy with other projects in the past but now it seems like Marrow is the real full-time deal. The band is playing some U.S. dates in the very near future, including one in D.C., and I urge you to see these cats 'cause I'm sure songs like "Paulson" will sound fantastic live.

I've only spun 2 cuts and I'm now a big fan. This is invigorating, exciting, and stimulating post-punk, for lack of a better term.

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