Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Few Words About The New Album From Glasgow's Pale Fire

Glasgow's Pale Fire produce human music of the very highest sort. I say that 'cause in an era of Mumford and Sons and their ilk, there's been a rush at forced authenticity. So what the world needs now is more real music and less affected authenticity. Which is a way of saying that Pale Fire are making simple and authentic rock that feels more from the heart than a band just adding a banjo to the mix, but I digress.

Pale Fire are nothing if not heartfelt rock music of the sort that is in short supply these days. If I was to compare them to stuff like early tracks from The Waterboys, you'd think they were a folk-y lot. Or if I said they sounded like mid-period U2, you might run in terror. But, no, those comparisons would be meant to highlight what Pale Fire does so well. A song like "City of the Dead" cranks along with a directness that is bracing and refreshing.

"Sleep the Horses" has a hint of The Delgados to it, which makes perfect sense since one-time Delgados player and Emma Pollock associate Jamie Savage produced this record at the famed Chem19 studios. If The Delgados had more of a classical bent, then Pale Fire seem intent on reaching right for the heart in a less complicated manner.

The self-titled debut from Pale Fire is a record to savor and absorb. This is big music -- to reference the early Waterboys again -- and, as such, it's music that requires your full attention. For that attention you'll be rewarded with some earnest and inspiring rock.

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