Tuesday, February 24, 2015

This Week's New Band To Get Excited About? It's The Orielles

Think Long Blondes doing Rose Elinor Dougall songs. Think Kenickie doing Shop Assistants covers.

Oh heck, I give up. What am I gonna do, crank up the ole Spin magazine comparison machine? Look, The Orielles are creating great music. You need to check it out. Pick your own reference point.

The Orielles are sisters Sid, on drums, and Esme Hand bass-and-vocals, respectively, and Henry on guitar.

I know about them 'cause they recently played a gig with 2 other bands I like a lot (Twin Peaks and Bruising).

I urge you to start with slightly older track "Deduce" and then work around to "Space Doubt" which is more recent.

And, by all means, follow The Orielles on their official Facebook page.