Sunday, February 15, 2015

Spin This Thoroughly Delightful Tune From The Trap Doors Here

I guess there is something like an Allentown Scene, what with The Yetis and now The Trap Doors. Who would have thought that the relatively-nearby Pennsylvania town would be the home of such catchy music?

(But, hey, a bunch of kids I knew back in my record store days formed Slumberland Records and Velocity Girl and a slew of bands in the College Park, Maryland, area so anything is possible!)

The Trap Doors is really just Eric Luchansky. He's worked with members of The Yetis in recording his songs and I urge you to check those cuts out.

But, really, I must highlight the enormously catchy "I Lost My Little Girl" which is equal parts Jonathan Richman and Vampire Weekend. It's the story of a girl on the run from a bad boyfriend and somehow she ends up as a trapeze artist. That sounds like the sort of thing that Robyn Hitchcock would turn into a song. And he'd probably make one that sounds a bit like this.

I'm eager to hear more from this cat and you should be too.