Friday, February 6, 2015

London's Fake Laugh Are Doing It Right: Spin Some Tunes Here

If someone about 20 years from now wants to do a remake of Rushmore (1998) and find some cool tunes to feature from an earlier era the way Wes Anderson rummaged around for some old Kinks records when scoring his flick, that person should reach for the songs of London's Fake Laugh. Haunting, charming, winsome, and wildly melodic, the cuts I've heard so far are all winners.

"Kinda Girl" features guitar lines that somehow manage to blend very early Aztec Camera with the sort of riffs that Robin Guthrie used on Victorialand (1986). That sounds like a mess but it's really not one at all. The British beat era-looking "Dopey Head" imagines a pop world in which Felt covered the tunes of The Hollies. Both cuts are more than charming.

I urge you to play these then follow the band via their official Facebook page.