Saturday, January 24, 2015

Play Thoroughly Lovely Ditty (On Video) From The Granite Shore Here

The Granite Shore is a band lead by Nick Halliwell of Occultation Records and he's joined in the band by Phi Wilson of The June Brides, Steve Perrin of The Distractions, and Mike Kellie of The Only Ones, among others. The new album is being finished up as you can see by the musicians in that shot up above but there's new music to share with you via video today.

"Nine Days' Wonder" is a sprightly tune that recalls the best bits of The Lilac Time and The Pale Fountains. Expertly arranged and full of little pleasures in the instrumentation and vocal performance, "Nine Days' Wonder" is a lovely song that's hard not to love. To my ears, at least, there's also a trace of The Wild Swans here and that's about the highest praise I could possibly give.

I am now a fan of The Granite Shore. You should be too. Follow along here.