Sunday, December 14, 2014

Spin Rocking New Cut From Fawn Spots Here

The press about this new(ish) band name-dropped both D.C.'s own Rites of Spring and legendary trio Husker Du. I like both bands a lot. Do I like Fawn Spots? Yep. I do. A lot.

"New Sense" is a blast of energy -- rage or joy -- and a scream into the void. The intricate playing hints that these cats have a few Minutemen records in their collections but the sheer force of this one puts them much closer to "Real World"-era Husker Du as was mentioned above.

And -- dare I say it? -- there's even a trace of Swervedriver here but Swervedriver if they were doing hardcore tunes.

Follow Fawn Spots on their official Facebook page. From Safer Place will drop in a few months.