Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Heads Up About The Awesome New EP From Connections

No sooner had I thrown a song by Connections into my first Top 10 Tracks of the Year list, then I learned that the band had a new EP out. Maybe I should have left a slot open for one of the fine tunes on 5 Imaginary Boys, out now on HoZac Records?

On opener "Dream Girl" the band hit near-Big Star-like levels of melody while "In II Deep" treads ground similar to the stuff on the excellent Into Sixes. "I Got Time" is zesty indie-rock while "That's All" for some strange reason reminded me of a Ramones song being covered by Robert Pollard. If that sounds like a ridiculous proposition than you are reading the wrong blog 'cause it sounds like perfection to me. "It's Trivial" offers a hint of a somehow condensed Built to Spill song as the EP closer.

Columbus, Ohio's Connections have rapidly become one of my favorite current bands. As with all of their previous releases, I highly recommend 5 Imaginary Boys. Grab it now via HoZac Records.

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