Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Picturebox EP Is Up For Pre-Order Now

Picturebox, led by Robert Halcrow, are set to release a delightful new EP called Graffiti. The EP is out on Gare Du Nord Records and there's an iTunes link up if you are in the UK.

The EP is really a pleasure to listen to. The title tune in particular is a sprightly indie rock bit of business that makes me want to go out and get everything else these guys have recorded.

Picturebox was, at one time, considered a spin-off of Derrero but I don't think Rob Hirst from Derrero is still in the band. However, the band still collaborates with Ash Cooke from Derrero (and Pulco and Poundstore Riot) sometimes.

More details on Picturebox's Graffiti EP are best expressed via the band's press release:

"Graffiti" – a short burst of indie pop, seizing an opportunity to spontaneously pledge love for a boy or girl (or football club) with little regard for the consequences. The video was shot beneath the Thanet Way in Herne Bay, where an ever changing display of graffiti can be seen.

"Giving It All I've Got" – originally by Canterbury lo-fi hero Luke Smith, this version alternates monotone robot vocals and wild, 60s interjections with added Soft Machine-style freakout. “Whenever I heard Luke play this around Canterbury I would hear this version in my head. So it's nice to get it out.” -Robert

"Papernut Cambridge" – a kind of “musique concrete” version of the eponymous song from Ian Button's 2013 GDN project, combining random elements and carefully arranged sound effects, by turns unsettling and comical.

"Bit Part" – a new version of the Lemonheads fuzz pop classic, featuring friend of the band Emily Kennedy filling the Juliana Hatfield role. Emily also contributes vocals (spoken and sung) to "Giving It All I've Got".

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Here's a taste of recent Picturebox to get you in the mood for the upcoming Graffit EP by Picturebox.