Saturday, November 8, 2014

I Normally Don't Play Christmas Music Until Christmas But Hard Left Dropped A Christmas Single

I'm not really a Christmas guy. In my teens I never even got into the so-called holiday spirit until I heard "Christmas Wrapping" by The Waitresses on WHFS here in the D.C. area. That excellent single made me feel happy and Christmas-y, whatever that means.

Well now there's a new holiday tune to warm my heart and get my foot to tapping. Hard Left -- Mike from Slumberland Records and his crew (Donna, Tim, and Stewart) from various other projects and labels (Boyracer, 555 Records, Lunchbox) -- are here to blast your eardrums with "Skinheads Home for Christmas" and the bonus gift of a wicked Bay City Rollers cover on the flip.

You know, I sent a link to this to someone who didn't know anything about this band and they thought it might be a real, lost oi single from the UK.

I'd say that means these cats and kittens in Hard Left did a darn good job. The female backing vocals on this one made me think of X-Ray Spex and that's an enormous compliment.

Play "Skinheads Home for Christmas" below and then order it on the format of your choice.

More details on Hard Left can be found on their official Facebook page.