Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How Did I Miss This? Play Lovely Collaborative Single From The New Lines And Sansyou Here

In what makes perfect sense, The New Lines and Sansyou collaborated on a single a few weeks ago. Somehow I missed this then which is a shame 'cause 1) I'm a fan of both bands, 2) Lorelei's drummer Davis White is in both bands, and 3) the single is marvelous.

"gowanus canal field inspection" not only combines these two bands but also combines the sounds of chamber pop circa the glory days of The Left Banke with the more expansive moments of early R.E.M. This really is a splendid single and it should earn both bands a few new fans in the process.

The New Lines are playing D.C.'s awesome Comet Ping Pong on December 6. Find out more details about The New Lines on their official Facebook page.

Sansyou are playing at The Pinch in D.C. on December 7. Find out more details about Sansyou on their official Facebook page.