Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Few Words About 2 New AJ Davila Releases

I feel like I've been missing so much by not hearing much from AJ Davila until now. The Puerto Rican superstar creates music that at once echoes the 1960s garage rock heyday as well as tunes that owe a bit to grunge and the best bands of the more recent past.

With Davila 666, you have tunes that are like lost Nuggets gems that someone found on a tape and just put out. Dig "Sabes Que Quiero" below and see what I mean. Infectious, ain't it?

The band also covers the old Nerves classic "Hanging on the Telephone" which most people know from Blondie's version.

The record is a trip. A stroll down an imaginary past filled with punk-y bits of tunefulness.

Davila also works with another band. The tunes from AJ Davila Y Terror Amor are harder. The cuts recall Primal Scream and some of the best early Nirvana stuff. Dig this tune below and see what I mean. There's a palpable sense of attitude here.

Both albums from AJ Davila's projects are highly recommended. Even if you don't speak Spanish, you'll find yourself at least humming along to these rockers.

Find out more details on the Burger Records website.