Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Play Wonderful New Ultimate Painting (Mazes/Veronica Falls) Track Here!

New Ultimate Painting track? Is it any good? Of course it is.

Ultimate Painting is James Hoare from Veronica Falls and Jack Cooper from Mazes. Cooper's Mazes just released a fantastic album called Wooden Aquarium too. Like that band, Ultimate Painting manage to take some spot-on influences and create wonderful new tunes.

Case in point: "Ten Street" which echoes both "Foggy Notion" by Velvet Underground as well as about a dozen Feelies cuts.

But it's a splendid concoction and I thoroughly dig it. I urge you to play it now. The band will release their debut album in October on Trouble in Mind Records. In the meantime, they will be heading out on a brief tour of the USA.

Follow Ultimate Painting on their Tumblr site.