Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Few Words About The Awesome New Album By Meatbodies

The self-titled debut full-length album by Meatbodies is out this week and it's a monster. Really, it makes perfect sense that Ty Segall is on this 'cause it's just as gloriously unhinged as his stuff can be. Meatbodies by Meatbodies is out now on In The Red Records and I urge you to grab it.

"Moutain" surges like Ty while "Disorder" throws in a few hooks worthy of Never Say Die-era Sabbath and that's only the start of the record. For 41 awesome minutes, Meatbodies ply their craft...and create an unholy -- but supremely tuneful -- racket.

"HIM" is Nuggets-era goodness -- all harmonies and fuzzy-wuzzy feedback colliding in spectacularly catchy fashion. "Tremors" is trippy Iron Butterfly-esque noise-making. Grow your hair out long just so you can nod along with this banger.

"Plank" adds a bit of the Byrds here -- it's very much a cousin of "Eight Miles High" in both style and tone -- while "Gold" is a fantastic roar of garage rock and early Sonic Youth (but far more tuneful).

"Wahoo" mixes a vibe of scuzzy-but-fast rock with bits of early Dinosaur Jr. while "Two" continues the band's fascination with late 1960s stuff by channeling both Neil Young and Iommi in equal amounts during the tasty guitar squalls in the song's second half.

"Off" and "Dark Road" continue the blissfully trippy noise-rock of this Meatbodies album while closer "The Master" soars like Ride -- oddly -- covering Styx. Make no mistake: it's still a bludgeoning-but-happily-catchy jam. But's it's also a spacious riff-rocker.

I am converted. I am now a disciple of Meatbodies. These cats know their way around some hooks and a few distortion pedals. There's nothing wasted here and it's a very pleasurable 41 minutes of RAWK.

Meatbodies are playing D.C. at the awesome Comet Ping Pong and you can get details on the November 1 gig here. If you go you will probably see me rocking out like a maniac.

Follow Meatbodies on their Facebook page. Their self-titled debut album is out now on In The Red Records.