Saturday, August 2, 2014

Stream Classic Jason Falkner Track Here

Back in 2000, Jason Falkner and Roger Manning Jr., from the legendary Jellyfish, and Brian Reitzell, soundtrack wiz and one-time member of Redd Kross, with Justin Meldal-Johnsen from Medicine and a slew of other bands, put out a soundtrack to an imaginary sequel to the "classic" film Logan's Run (1976).

I put "classic" in quotes 'cause it certainly seemed like a classic in that last pre-Star Wars (1977) summer. But time has not been kind to the film.

Still, it's got Jenny Agutter in it and the film had enough charm to inspire these guys to create the awesome Logan's Sanctuary (2000). The largely instrumental album does have one magnificent Jason Falkner vocal track on it and that's "Search for Tomorrow" which you can play below.

The album is out-of-print (OOP) but the CDs are out there in secondhand shops.