Thursday, August 21, 2014

Play Deliriously Good Ex Hex (Mary Timony) Cut Here!

Coming on like Grace Slick trying to update a Patti Smith cut from Radio Ethiopia, Mary Timony and her gals in Ex Hex are here to rip your head off with the gloriously rockin' "Beast" from the band's upcoming debut record.

That debut album will be out in early October on Merge Records.

In the meantime, after you play "Beast" about a dozen times at deafening volume, head over to the band's official website for news on Ex Hex.

As a long-time fan of Mary Timony, I've been thrilled with each bit of music I've heard from Ex Hex so far. More punk than Helium, less harDCore than Autoclave, and still somehow more direct than the excellent Wild Flag, "Beast" is catchy and in-your-face.

And that Thurston Moore-meets-Tom Verlaine solo ain't half bad either!

Dig it!