Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Advice? Crank Up Stitches By Bloody Knees As Loud As You Possibly Can!

These cats from the U.K. -- don't even know where -- are doing the whole Nirvana thing so well that for once I don't begrudge a band for being influencing by those Seattle legends.

The NME mentioned "Stitches" and I checked it out based on that. The cut is ferocious, unrelenting, and strangely joyous -- an animal howl into the abyss with riffs roaring like a bunch of tanker-trucks crashing on a frozen highway. Think Nirvana trying to cover MBV and stripping those noise-niks down to the bare essentials.

"Daydream", all early Teenage Fanclub hooks and Melvins-size pummeling slabs of noise, is also quite good.

Both tracks are out soon -- or are already out? -- on Dog Knights Productions.

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