Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dot Dash Cut In New Juliette Lewis Film And Here's A Free MP3 To Celebrate!

I'm thrilled for the guys in Dot Dash -- Terry Banks, Hunter Bennett, Steve Hansgen, and Danny Ingram -- that they have a tune on the soundtrack of an upcoming film. And it's important to note that this cut was recorded with original guitarist Bill Crandall.

"Faraway", the lead track from from the band's superb 2nd album Winter Garden Light (, is going to be in the new movie Kelly and Cal starring Juliette Lewis and Cybil Shepherd.

And you can get a leg up on grabbing the soundtrack to this rock-centered film by downloading "Faraway" below. Play the song and then go here to get the free download.

It will be cool to hear this song in a movie. Every time I play the song I still think of playing Winter Garden Light for the first time on my iPod as I rode the ferry from Lamma Island into Hong Kong in September 2014. I busily penned my epic review of the album shortly thereafter.

I guess what I'm saying is that this tune already feels like part of my own personal soundtrack.

More details about the film Kelly and Cal (2014) are here and here.

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