Friday, August 8, 2014

Adam Leonard Begins Wildly Ambitious OCTOPUS Project

Adam Leonard has begun a really cool project. Starting on August 8, he will be releasing 8 albums of 8 tracks each over the course of the next 8 months. Called Octopus, the albums will collect Adam's rarities and past gems.

Octopus Part 1 is out August 8, 2014 via Adam Leonard's Bandcamp page, and here's a look at some of the highlights.

"Halo", all Robert Wyatt-meets-English Settlement-era-XTC, is sublime. Originally appearing on Adam Leonard's "proper" debut How Music Sounds (2014), the track is a real gem.

This set also includes Adam's rendition of one of my favorite Beatles songs. His cover of "Lovely Rita" is aces. He makes that McCartney-penned classic sound like a Roy Wood tune from The Move. That's a work of mad genius, frankly.

"UFO Over Bidston", from 2003's Ship Of Nothing EP, is lo-fi, classic-era Guided by Voices but with a sharp, nearly folk melody.

Another treasure on Octopus Part 1 is the demo version of "Lillian, I Love You" from Adam's essential Nature Recordings, an album I reviewed a few years back.

The droning pastoral psychedelia of "Song of the Woodlice" recalls the heyday of British folk rock, while album closer "I'm Gonna Sleep With Myself (Tonight)" is a perfect approximation of I Often Dream of Trains-era Robyn Hitchcock.

Whether it's his past in The Owl Service, his side gigs with Invaderband or Echoes in Rows, or his collaborations with Ash Cooke from Pulco/Derrero, or just his magnificent solo work, there are plenty of Adam Leonard projects to admire. And now, with the Octopus series, there's a way to catch up on his music and enjoy some rarities in the process.

You can get Octopus Part 1 on Adam Leonard's Bandcamp page.

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Here's a little preview of the Octopus series from Adam Leonard.