Sunday, July 27, 2014

Quick Review Of The Debut LP From Woman's Hour

As others have pointed out, the members of Woman's Hour come from the same town as Wild Beasts. That's a plus in my book.

Woman's Hour make stately and subdued pop that recalls the best bits of Everything But The Girl (before they went dance-y), Dubstar, and Saint Etienne. The tunes are warm and relaxed and the sound overall is thoroughly well conceived and presented.

Lead single "Conversations" takes a hint of Christine McVie and mixes it with expert production and a catchy chorus. It's an insinuating and captivating track.

From the Blue Nile-isms of "To The End" to the perfectly titled "In Stillness We Remain", the cuts on Conversations glide by on the strengths of Fiona Burgess' vocals. But to praise her significant talents is not to diminish the rest of the band. "Her Ghost" is a shimmering bit of pop business that showcases all the pluses of this quartet.

Conversations from Woman's Hour is out now via Secretly Canadian.

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