Monday, June 2, 2014

Silver Screams Are Doing It Right: A Quick Review of Creep Joint Scratch

You know what sold me on these Boston punks? This bit from their Facebook bio:

"How about three aging punkers playing the best music they know how to nobody, with no career aspirations, zero street cred, and no greater point whatsoever. It’s a power trio screaming into a void before they die, because they’re not dead yet."

That did the trick for me and when I heard "Mt. Rumpke" with its mix of early Killing Joke and Dischord-style punk, I was hooked.

These cats -- Snarly on drums, Edog on bass, and Niff on vocals and guitars -- are making an unholy racket. Their bio namechecks a lot of good bands and, yeah, you can hear hints of early Husker Du here, pummeling riffs from Fun House-era Stooges, and even a bit of Joy Division in the climbing chords of "The Evidence" or the opening riff of "Wash Away".

(And if you hear a distinct trace of Dischord harDCore it's not for nothing as the bass player was in a band -- Sleeper Agent! -- with John Stabb of Government Issue.)

Creep Joint Scratch is solid and formidable EP. These are 5 cuts of raw power and direct punk rock, played with passion and precision. Dig it!

After playing the cuts below, I urge you to follow along on the band's official Facebook page or on their website. Buy the CD or the cuts from the band's Bandcamp page.