Saturday, June 14, 2014

Download One Of My Favorite Robyn Hitchcock Tracks Here!

It's with some dismay that I must report that Robyn Hitchcock's Globe of Frogs and Queen Elvis are both out-of-print (OOP). Perspex Island from 1991 is too but I never really liked that album much beyond this single.

There is a really good 'best of' available, as well as another that covers the Soft Boys era too.

I've been thinking of Hitchcock a lot this week. I wrote a post before about when I met, and was terrified of, Robyn at Lisner in 1989. The "Close Talker" from Seinfeld mixed with a giant squawking bird.

In recalling that story, I remembered that I saw Hitchcock earlier, opening for 10,000 Maniacs. I took my revenge on the crowd who didn't appreciate the genius of the opening act by coughing loudly during a very precious Natalie Merchant piano-monologue.

"Ultra Unbelievable Love" is hard to find online but here is a rough mix. I have no idea who this user is, but I thank him or her.