Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dot Dash Perform Live On Jack Rabid's Radio Show!

Dot Dash did a session for DJ Jack Rabid's The Big Takeover magazine and the episode is now online here and on iTunes.

The band whip through a few favorites, debut a new song, and you hear cuts played from the bands the guys were in before they were in Dot Dash (Danny Ingram gets Swervedriver, Ultracherry Violet, Youth Brigade, Strange Boutique, Steve Hansgen gets Minor Threat, and Terry Banks gets St. Christopher, Glo-Worm [with Pam Berry of Black Tambourine], The Saturday People [with Archie Moore of Velocity Girl], Julie Ocean [with Hunter Bennett of Dot Dash], and Tree Fort Angst).

It's a good listen and a sort of crash course in Dot Dash.

As always, follow Dot Dash on their Facebook page:

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Refresher course before you listen to the show...