Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Quick Note About The Heaviness Of Young British Artists

Young British Artists are not exactly re-inventing the wheel but on tracks like "Everything in Front of You" these Mancs roar like they're out for blood.

There's something direct and ferocious here and that's to be applauded. Channeling some worthy if obvious influences (Joy Division, Editors, Interpol, Doves), these guys manage to take the most basic of templates and make memorably heavy music.

Things may get a tiny bit Coldplay-like on "Mirror Trail" but overall the effect is one of power. Even if that tune ratchets things down a bit, cuts like "A New Language" storm over a listener like a truck gone out of control. "Salad Days" uses a heavy, rolling beat to propel things forward and it's another standout number on Change By Any Other Name.

The album is out now. You should follow Young British Artists on their official website.