Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's That Sound? It's Hard Left (Mike From Slumberland Records)

More than 20 years ago in the D.C. suburbs, it seemed as if Slumberland Records, and the guys and gals from the bands associated with that label, were providing an alternative to the sound that some would say defined D.C. music. For every shout-y Dischord band in the area, there was probably at least one crew of college kids somewhere in College Park or Silver Spring picking up guitars and trying to learn riffs from records from The Pastels and The Clean.

So now what? Mike Schulman from Slumberland Records has gone and gotten himself a harDCore band?

Almost. Hard Left is a new project and it sounds A LOT like Youth Brigade and other Dischord legends. It's fab. And you can play it and buy it below.

If you're in San Francisco, you can catch Hard Left sharing a bill with Imaginary Pants (Rose from The Softies), and The How at the San Francisco Popfest.

The Hard Left Facebook page is here In the meantime, crank this up.