Sunday, May 25, 2014

Quick Review Of New Aurelio Valle (ex-Calla) Record: Acme Power Transmission

What a pleasant surprise this record turned out to be!

For long-time Calla fans, the arrival of Aurelio Valle's Acme Power Transmission is a ray of light as the band hasn't put anything out in 6 years. Valle named the record after his landlord's auto parts store...and that somehow makes sense. This is great driving music. Any track on here, from the pulsing and buzzing opener "Bruised and Diffused" to the sinister Barry Adamson-ish "Superhawk", would sound great as you cruised a lit-up cityscape in a sleek automobile or drove a lonely highway at night.

By the time we get to "Cowboy" and it's like Aurelio Valle is scoring a film. The song features vocals but it's the electronic textures that provide warmth to the cut. Then the strings come in and the song takes on another hue entirely. A really lovely piece of work.

Add Nina Persson to up the loveliness factor. Surprisingly, her vocals mix well with the fuzzy chords Aurelio lays down behind her on "Electraglide". As her voice purrs, the music unwinds and clatters around her. The track is probably the highlight of this record.

Aurelio Valle's Acme Power Transmission demands careful listening but it's not heavy music. It's accessible and the songs are all concise and precise statements. Aurelo has produced a disc that blends fusion and rock and film music. It's a wonderful album. Make it the soundtrack to some evening's adventures this summer.

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