Saturday, May 3, 2014

Play 3 Rare Slant 6 Demos Here!

I've rambled on about how I avoided Dischord for years and how Rich from The Now played "Waiting Room" for me and how I was then a fan of the label. That's all true but the first band I really and truly loved on Dischord was Slant 6.

I think I heard the Slant 6 albums way before I knew that Christina Billotte was in Autoclave with Helium's Mary Timony. But when I learned that in 1994 or so, I clutched my copy of Helium's Pirate Prude EP and everything in the world made perfect sense.

Anyway, I don't know who "recordstorekid" is but thanks to this Portland-based person for uploading 3 righteous demos from Slant 6. That version of "What Kind Of Monster Are You?" roars like Joan Jett and Patti Smith doing a Stooges tune.