Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dig Some New Tunes From Gulp (Guto Pryce From Super Furry Animals) Here!

Another spin-off from Super Furry Animals is nearly here. In July, Sonic Catheral will release the first album from Gulp (Guto Pryce from Super Furry Animals and Lindsey Leven, among others).

The songs that I've heard so far are affecting and ethereal without being fluff. Fans of Slowdive and Sarah Nixey (from Black Box Recorder) should thoroughly enjoy these tunes.

Right now I'm a bit enraptured with "Vast Space" which uses a nearly droning keyboard to anchor the cut around Lindsey's cooing vocals. It reminds me a bit of that 4AD band Swallow, if any of you remember them.

Until the album drops, and until I post a review of the full record, you can check out the Gulp Facebook page here and play the tunes below.