Friday, March 14, 2014

Rockin' Split Tape Project From Fruit Tones And Deathcats!

This is a pleasant surprise.

Yet another band to follow from Manchester! God Bless The North! Anyway, Fruit Tones are from that city and they have worked with fellow Mancs Temple Songs before. For that reason alone they are worth listening to.

But, hey, guess what? They have a similar sound.

Spin the awesomely awkwardly named "Will My Life Live Without Me" and revel in the vibe. It's part Allah-Las, part Temple Songs, part early Beefheart, and all kinds of awesome.

I dig it!

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Glasgow's Deathcats are doing something else entirely. On "Dreamz" they sound like O.M.D. as covered by a very young Pavement. It's a mind-warp, really...but it's a delightful one.

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