Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Play New (And Fresh) Cut From The Fresh And Onlys Here!

What I love is how that wicked fuzz in the background makes it almost sound like your headphones are broken.

It's as if Merzbow was in the studio next door to these boys and somehow his bleeding-eardrum noise got caught on the other band's tape from a distance.

But, seriously, it's the new single from The Fresh And Onlys and it's a taste of the new album, House Of Spirits, which is out on June 10 via Mexican Summer.

Working with Phil Manley from Trans Am, the band have, no doubt, produced something magical if this tune is any indication. This cut, "Bells Of Paonia" is a worthy taste of the unique mix of clear, uplifting vocals and shoegazing riffs that the band is capable of producing. The mix is -- dare I say it? -- fresh.

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