Saturday, March 1, 2014

New Playboy Spaceman (Bridget Cross) Album Is Out Now

I'm sure that on some level it's unfair to label this post with her maiden name since Bridget Kuhar is now making music with her husband George Kuhar in the band Playboy Spaceman. But, then again, I can't fight Google. It seems I get at least a handful of hits a month from people looking up the new musical exploits of D.C. area legend Bridget Cross. And those Googlers are, like me, people who loved her work in Unrest, Air Miami, and Maybe It's Reno.

Playboy Spaceman is a project from Bridget and George Kuhar and now, on their first full-length album, they've turned into a full band with the addition of Simon Taylor on bass and Jason Messing and Nickolas Wagner on drums. One Heart Army is a strong release and the tunes have hooks and heft.

"Teach Me How To Love" roars like Arcade Fire doing a cover of The Long Ryders while "Right In Front Of You" adds in the warm, layered, and lush keyboards from Bridget to create something pitched between Eno-produced U2 and Beulah.

These songs are all uniformly strong and direct. Stuff like "Everything I Was (Or Ever Will Be)" deserves to reach wider audiences.

The addition of those other players has made the music of Playboy Spaceman more robust and weightier. I'm sure that those of you in Alaska will count yourselves lucky to see the band play these songs live.

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