Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Back Door To Heaven: 1983 Live Concert From Aztec Camera

The best Christmas present I ever received that wasn't a toy was High Land, Hard Rain by Aztec Camera -- on cassette! -- in 1983. I also got Rock 'n Soul Part 1 and some Springsteen that Xmas but it was the Aztec Camera that has firmly held its place in my heart.

I haven't gotten the 30th (!) anniversary edition reissue of High Land, Hard Rain yet but it's on my radar.

I'm also lucky that I got to see Aztec Camera in D.C. in early 1985 along with Guadalcanal Diary and D.C. legend Tommy Keene opening up.

This concert is from December 1983 and it's still staggering how good Roddy Frame and his boys were. He was then a prodigious talent and not even 20 yet. There's no "The Boy Wonders" but the set-list is a good one and Roddy is on fine form here.