Monday, February 10, 2014

Temples Drop Full-Length Debut And It's A Masterpiece: Stream Sun Structures Here!

Well you sort of know what to expect don't you? Every single release from Temples so far has been a thing of sublime beauty and awesome riffage. So why should the rest of the debut be anything but that sort of wonderful?

Sun Structures is out now on Fat Possum Records in the U.S. and Heavenly elsewhere. It's a great record and I'm glad to report that the band have lived up to their hype.

Familiar hook-filled tunes like "Mesermise" are here, along with early single "Shelter Song", but new pleasures can be found in "Move With the Season" -- all Moody Blues with better hooks -- and "A Question Isn't Answered" with its Spiritualized-meets-The Coral mood. By album's end, we've got the supremely catchy "Test of Time" which sounds like most of what Ian Brown and John Squire have separately been trying to recreate from the ashes of the mighty Stone Roses. It's Chemical Brothers dressing up as the Hollies. What a beautiful and magnificent chorus this tune has! And there are more just like that one here.

Temples have accomplished something great here. If they have not entirely reinvented the rock wheel they've at least put the pieces together in an interesting fashion. Fans of Britpop and its finest moments should be well pleased by Sun Strcutures. Or maybe you're just a fan of tuneful 1960s rock like The Left Banke, Moody Blues, and early Traffic? Fine. Temples have got that covered as well. No long jams, no extraneous bits of rock wankery. It's all solid stuff here.

Sun Structures is quite possibly one of the best records of 2014 and it's only February.

Warm your cold mid-winter heart with the rainbow-hued rockers on this record.

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