Friday, February 7, 2014

Fantastic Tunes From Manchester's The Collected Fictions Up On Soundcloud

Thanks again Manchester.

I'd love to take credit for finding this band myself but I can't. Mike Schulman of Slumberland Records and Black Tambourine dropped a link to these guys on Facebook and I can see why. The Collected Fictions -- Paris Thompson, Daniel McMilan, and Isaac McInnis -- make lovely indie-pop tunes in the spirit of their named influences (The Clean, The Feelies, Aztec Camera, and The Pastels). I hear all of those here plus a hint of what Vampire Weekend are so desperately trying to do.

Follow along with The Collected Fictions on their Facebook page:

This is good stuff and a tune like "Sugarcane" is like a lost, early Arctic Monkeys b-side mixed with a hint of Modern Lovers.

"Wait" has a hint of "Lost Outside the Tunnel" from Aztec Camera and for that it gets my attention.

"Talk" is Orange Juice and The Clean in some wonderful and unholy combination.

"It Don't Matter Much" is Arctic Monkeys trying to piece together a Feelies cut. To me, it sounds perfect -- the tune that you should be hearing on the radio and humming instantly afterwards -- so go check it out now.