Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ex Hex (Mary Timony) Drops New Single And You Can Play It Here

As reported on Pitchfork, Mary Timony has shared a new track from her new band, Ex Hex, and it's a nod back to Helium with a hint of something else -- that guitar hook is hypnotic; to me, the riff that anchors this cut is almost Brian May-like. At least on this track, the jagged art-punk of the excellent The Shapes We Make (2007) and the real punk of Wild Flag have been replaced with maximum riffage.

More details here, on the official website for Ex Hex:

Looks like Ex Hex are dropping their debut sometime in 2014 on Merge Records.

And Ex Hex are playing D.C.'s Black Cat the day after my birthday. Check out the schedule of the club.