Saturday, February 22, 2014

Download Dog Bite Joy Division Cover Here (New Record Is Out Now)

I realize that I have not reviewed the new Dog Bite record yet. After raving like a madman about Velvet Changes more than a year ago, it feels like I've neglected the new album.

It's a wonderful, trippy, collection of dream-pop which, if not quite as shockingly perfect as Velvet Changes, is somehow just as consistently reassuring in its effects.

Or something like that.

Tranquilizers is out now on Carpark Records and there are more details on the official Dog Bite Facebook page here. But, for now, dig this!

Flirting on the edges of 4AD worship, and having expertly covered a Bauhaus classic already, Dog Bite now turns towards another goth/neogoth/postpunk totem: the venerated Joy Division. Without trying to out Ian Curtis Ian Curtis, Dog Bite finds the surging heart of this tune and spins it in a new direction. Fans of Joy Division and Dog Bite should be pleased in equal measure.