Saturday, February 1, 2014

Download Classic Manics Single For Free Thanks To Heavenly Recordings

Most likely the only people who don't already have this are people who are not Manics fans so...

The Manic Street Preachers are a Welsh rock band. Their charismatic member, Richey Edwards, disappeared in 1995. The band's output can -- if you must -- be split into two halves: the 4-piece stuff with Richey which is (typically) punkier -- like "Motown Junk" (1991) -- and the 3-piece stuff which is like U2 without the religious bits or the bombast.

At some point it seemed as if there were 2 types of Manics fans: the Richey ones and the other ones. But the truth is that they are my favorite band and I love every era of their stuff. "Motown Junk" easily bumps up against the later "Rendition" on my iPod so I don't quite get the division among their fans. But then again, I have only been listening to them intently since about 1998.

Richey may be gone but the Manics can't shake his ghost.