Saturday, January 4, 2014

Play Ex Hex (Mary Timony) Cover Of Slant 6 Here!

People outside D.C. probably forget that Mary Timony was in Autoclave before Helium and Wild Flag. That Dischord stint was before her time in those other bands.

(And she's had a great solo career too. After seeing her live in Helium at the Black Cat a few times, and probably at least once as a solo artist, I saw her live in D.C. a few years ago with her other band, Soft Power, opening up for a reformed Versus!)

This is Mary covering her former Autoclave bandmate's tune. This is Ex Hex doing "What Kind Of Monster Are You?" from Slant 6 (Chrstina Billotte's band after Autoclave).

It looks like Wild Flag is no mas so you other Mary Timony fans get on-board with Ex Hex.

More details here, on the official website for Ex Hex: