Saturday, January 11, 2014

Download Sarah Records-Inspired Joy From London's Joyous

What a pleasant surprise. These cuts have been up on Soundcloud for a few months but this band deserves a lot of attention. I have a bad feeling that they are no longer active -- but that can be determined later; these are great songs.

London-based but from hailing from the West Midlands, Joyous make music they claim is a mix of Aztec Camera and The Cure. I don't hear the Robert Smith here but the Roddy Frame is a good one. There's also bits of Sarah Records, Orange Juice and -- for anyone who favorably remembers them -- touches of bands like Danny Wilson and The Bible here.

These tunes are really fantastic and full of song-craft and hooks. That I can't quite pin them down to one influence impresses me greatly.

I urge you to download "Sunday" and then try the other cuts.

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