Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Download Lovely Ditty From Cian Ciaran From Super Furry Animals

I love the Super Furry Animals. I've seen them live a few times, most notably a fantastic gig in Wolverhampton with Clinic opening up in April 1999.

It pained me and my best friend to no end that the openers from that evening gained traction quicker in the States than SFA did. Oh well.

Yeah, it took a few years but I'm heartened that the Furries now have loads of loyal followers outside of Wales and the United Kingdom.

This track is from keyboard player Cian Ciaran's first (?) solo LP, Outside In, which came out on Strangetown Records.

It's a trippy nod in the direction of ELO and Bowie -- side 2 of Low, maybe -- and I urge you to download it via the Soundcloud link below and then buy the album on Amazon.