Sunday, January 26, 2014

Connections Share Their Stuff On Bandcamp: Rock Out With These Tunes Now

How come I always look like a ambulance chaser? No sooner had I read that Columbus, Ohio's Connections were going to be touring with Mary Timony's new band, Ex Hex, then I go to investigate the group and see that that other site has already posted something about the band.

No worries. I'll gladly join the chorus in those championing these guys as the tunes are aces.

As others have mentioned, there's a hint of Guided by Voices but also something else. I'm thinking The Grifters but the tunes here are punchier and more concise where those guys let things unravel quite a bit more.

Connections meet several of my criteria at once: spike-y tunes with strong hooks; song titles that actually make you want to hear what the song sounds like; and very few songs that are longer than 3 minutes.

Well done fellas.

What did I say about song titles that make you want to hear the tunes? Play "1980 Called" and "Summer Creeps" -- a nod to Pavement's "Summer Babe [Winter Version]"? -- and you'll see what I mean. Then play some more jams. And then go buy the albums and get tickets to see these dudes on the Mary Timony tour with Ex Hex.

Connections are on Facebook here.