Saturday, January 18, 2014

Best Thing I've Heard This Week? New Zealand's Trick Mammoth

Really fantastic stuff here. Bits of Velocity Girl and all the bands that influenced those guys. A hint of Frente! and a dash of The Primitives and you've got New Zealand's Trick Mammoth.

This is the sound of sunshine and springtime. Good thing they like flowers -- as you can see from the picture. The tunes are strong here -- hooks a-plenty folks -- and Adrian Ng, Millie Lovelock, and Sam Valentine bring the summery goodness. The tunes are like the best bits of C86 mixed with stuff like Black Tambourine and Pam Berry's Glo-Worm.

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And here's a song about a place near my home in Maryland from a band in New Zealand owing a debt to a seminal Maryland band (Black Tambourine) who themselves owed a debt to earlier NZ bands...